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Research Assistant Position in the McDermott Lab at MIT

Dear colleagues,

I'd be grateful if you could bring this RA opening to the attention of any promising undergraduates that you may know who are about to graduate. The position is intended as a stepping stone to grad school.



POSITION OPENING: Technical Assistant in the McDermott Lab, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, to assist with all aspects of research on human audition. See http://mcdermottlab.mit.edu for more details on the lab.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Implementing and testing computational models; designing, programming and conducting behavioral and fMRI experiments; analyzing data; participant outreach and recruitment; implementation and maintenance of analysis software; technical support for lab personnel; and participation in reading groups and research seminars. Will be encouraged to take an active role in scientific research. The position is ideal for individuals considering future graduate study in computational cognitive science or neuroscience.

REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor's degree in cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, electrical engineering, or other science or engineering major; strong quantitative background and programming skills (e.g., MATLAB, Python, Torch)experience using HTML/CSS/_javascript_ and experience implementing simple web sites; computer troubleshooting skills and comfort in a Unix environment; demonstrable interest in perception and/or neuroscience; initiative, flexibility, and self-motivation; strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Experience with signal processing is a plus. Must be a US citizen.

To apply, please follow the instructions at this link: