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Individualized HRTF measurements

Dear List,


I intend to carry out some individualized HRTF measurements. I thought some device would exist in purpose of such measurement by including tiny microphones and a system to maintain their position into the ear canal but I feel more like each team uses its “homemade” setup… I only saw a “binaural microphone” designed by Bruel and Kjaer which is very expensive.


I was then wondering what microphone do you use/propose/advice  for individualized HRTF measurements ? Do you also know a way to hold the microphone in position during the measurement procedure ? And finally, do you use any type of protection in between the microphone and the ear canal in order to avoid a direct contact and then get the measurement more hygienic (given that the microphones will inserted in several subjects’ ear canals…) ?


Any help or advice on these matters would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much by advance,




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