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[AUDITORY] Spare TDT equipment

Following my recent post, what we have available is the following, all System II:

1 x DD1 – Stereo analogue interface
1 x DA3-4 – D/A converter
2 x PI2 – Parallel I/O
1 x MS1 – Monitor Speaker
5 x PA4 – Programmable attenuator
1 x PF1 – Programmable filter
2 x SM3 – Weighted summer
2 x power units

We have all the manuals but can’t find a controller card. I have photos of the equipment to send if that would help.

Now that the exact modules available are specified, I am re-opening the offer to all interested parties. I'm not quite sure how to allocate priority for these -- I suppose rapidity and ease (for us) are going to be the controlling factors. But you could also make a case based on an especially pressing need!

Yours - Stuart


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