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[AUDITORY] Job opening: Software developer / engineer, eHealth team, Eriksholm Research Centre, Denmark

Dear List,


The eHealth team at the Eriksholm Research Centre is recruiting a Software developer / engineer: www.oticon.com/about/job-and-career/jobs/job-document.aspx?publishingid=2624&languagekey=en-GB


Best wishes,




Ariane Laplante-Lévesque, PhD

Research Area Manager, eHealth


Eriksholm Research Centre
Rørtangvej 20
3070 Snekkersten
Direct:     +45 4829 8924
Website: www.eriksholm.com


Eriksholm pursues audiological
discoveries with the potential to
significantly enhance end-user
benefits in future hearing care.
We work in close collaboration
with academic research institutions,
clinicians and end-users, and being
part of Oticon ensures that our scien-
tific insights are applied in solutions
that empower people with hearing loss.

Associate Professor (adj.)


Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning
Linköping University
581 83 Linköping

Email: ariane.laplante-levesque@xxxxxx

Website: www.liu.se