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[AUDITORY] post-doctoral position in auditory decision-making

The laboratories of Joshua Gold (http://www.med.upenn.edu/goldlab) and Yale
Cohen (http://auditoryresearchlaboratory.weebly.com/) at the University of
Pennsylvania are seeking highly motivated post-doctoral fellows to
participate in a joint research project that tests the contribution of
feedback and feedforward connections to auditory decision-making in
non-human primates.

Candidates should have a PhD. Those with an MD will be considered but only
if the candidates have a strong scientific background. A strong candidate
will have experience in systems and computational neuroscience; recording
and analysis of single- and multi-unit activity and local-field potentials
from awake, behaving animals (in particular non-human primates); analysis of
behavioral data and electrophysiological data; computational-analysis and
programming skills. We are interested in individuals who have a good
personality and can interact well with other members of the laboratories.
The positions are funded through a joint ONR grant to Cohen and Gold and are
available immediately.

Salary will be based on experience and the NIH post-doctoral scale. 

The University of Pennsylvania has an outstanding environment for systems
and computational neuroscience. The environment is further enriched by the
PIs' ongoing collaborations with other members of the Penn Neuroscience

For more information or to apply, contact Joshua Gold (jigold at
mail.med.upenn.edu) or Yale Cohen (ycohen at mail.med.upenn.edu). Interested
applicants should send a CV; a brief statement of research interests; and
names of 2-3 referees.