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[AUDITORY] One Year Anniversary of monotoSTEREO.info!

Today marks one year since my website, monotoSTEREO.info, went live!  As always, the website is dedicated to providing a collection of resources for individuals interested in upmixing older mono recordings to stereo through the use of audio spectral editing, sound source separation, and related processes.  Of course, this same technology can also be used for the upmixing of mono and stereo source material to surround sound as well!  There are now over 900 research papers, presentations, etc. listed on the RESEARCH pages of the website!  There are also 16 examples of the technology linked to on the MEDIA pages, with more to come!  As researchers and developers continue to improve the tools necessary for this type of processing, you can expect to see its use become much more widespread.  It is my sincere hope that you find the website interesting and useful!  Your suggestions and comments are always appreciated.  Thank you for your continued interest and support!