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[AUDITORY] ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available

We are proud to announce that the 11th issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies (http://sonicstudies.org/current) is online, entitled “Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art,” edited by guest editors Gascia Ouzounian and Sarah Lappin. The papers collected in this volume of the Journal of Sonic Studies stem from the Recomposing the City International Symposium in 2014, a lively gathering that was followed with an equally stimulating Postgraduate Student Symposium in 2015. The contributions in this issue give an overview of the issues addressed during these symposia.

Journal contents:

Editorial - Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art - Gascia Ouzounian and Sarah Lappin

Instrumental Operations in the Urban Assemblage - Colin Ripley

Sound Art / Street Life: Tracing the social and political effects of sound installations in London - Christabel Stirling

Sound Art and Public Engagement in the Built Environment: Reflections from an Architecture Center Conor McCafferty

‘Sonopolis’ - Francisco Lopez

The Incidental Person: Reviewing the Identity of the Urban Acoustic Planner - Sven Anderson

Soundmapping Beyond The Grid: Alternative Cartographies of Sound - Isobel Anderson

Sonic Places: In Conversation with Peter Cusack - Sarah Lappin