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Post-doctoral position in otitis media research

A post-doctoral position is available in the lab of my collaborator Dr Diego Preciado at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, to study - Analysis of mucin protein _expression_ in middle ear effusions and - Regulation of mucin genes by inflammatory response mediators in human and mouse middle ear cell models. A commitment of at least 2 years is expected.

Dr Preciado is a pediatric otolaryngologist and lead surgeon of a pediatric cochlear implant team, while his scientific research focuses on otitis media, particularly the inflammation and mucin hypersecretion which occupy a central role in the progression of otitis from acute to chronic.

Position Purpose
Responsible for generating and testing scientific hypothesis related to:
1. Regulation of mucin genes by inflammatory/immune response mediators in human and mouse middle ear cell models. 
2. Analysis of mucin protein _expression_ in middle ear effusions   

Qualifications:  M.S. or Ph.D. degree in laboratory sciences (molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biochemistry, genetic, etc.).  Successful applicant must have ability to think, perform independently, troubleshoot protocols, and interact in a small working group.  

Essential Functions: 
1. Evaluate current hypotheses and develop new hypothesis by surveying relevant scientific literature, attending seminars and talking with other scientists.
2. Design, execute and troubleshoot experiments to test hypotheses.
3. Analyze and interpret data from experiments.
4. Prepare progress reports, lab presentations and journal articles based on experiments.

Specific Functions:  Must have hands-on experience with gene regulation and gene _expression_ and the ability to design and carry out experiments that utilize molecular and cell biology techniques. 

Please contact Dr Diego Preciado at dpreciad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you are interested. 


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