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Full professor / associate professor position at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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Apologies for multiple-posting. Please see below the details of a full professor/associate professor position at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

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Erkin Asutay, PhD
Division of Applied Acoustics
Room Acoustics & Multisensory Applications
Chalmers University of Technology

Full professor / Associate professor in Acoustics
Division of Applied Acoustics
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering works with every aspect of construction in the community – houses to live in, roads to travel on, and water to drink – from planning to maintenance, taking into account the environment, energy and economics. Analysis and problem-solving focus on the ways in which technology, humans and nature interact in society.

The Division of Applied Acoustics is one of the leading acoustic laboratories in Europe. Its mission is to contribute to a sustainable built environment and infrastructure as well as to support European industry in the development of products and services with appropriate sound and vibration properties.

Strong research areas are:
• Prediction and Design of Urban Sound Environments
• Rolling Noise (tyre/road and wheel/rail) and other aspects related to tyre/road interaction such as rolling resistance, wear and safety
• Vehicle Acoustics
• Human Perception of Sound and Vibration (primarily restoration and emotion experiences)
• Sound Design and Room Acoustics

The division has 9 faculty members and 12 PhD students.

Major responsibilities
As full professor/associate professor at Chalmers, you are expected to play a leading role in research and education in your subject area. Duties include performing your own research, teaching on undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels, supervising PhD students and taking part in leadership and administration of both research and other activities.

The professorship in Acoustics covers the areas of sound and vibration quality, psychoacoustics, room acoustics and environmental psychology with focus on human response to sound and vibration. The applicant is expected to establish and lead a research group working inside these areas in order to reinforce and complement the activities at the division. Besides to perform and lead research a successful candidate is expected to develop and teach courses within our international Master’s program Sound and Vibration.

A position at Chalmers as full professor or associate professor requires scientific expertise on a very high level. You must have the ability to assume a leading role for research in your field. You must be a skilled educator and accustomed to teaching on different levels. For this reason, we place a great deal of emphasis on your pedagogical portfolio. The position requires a minimum of 15 higher education credits in teaching and learning in higher education or corresponding expertise. You have good leadership and cooperation skills. Since your own research and that of PhD students is primarily funded by external sources, we assume you can successfully apply for external funding. Experience from research and development in industry/the public sector and demonstrated innovation capacity are meritorious.

The applicant for the professorship in Acoustics has her/his main focus in one of the following areas:
• Sound and vibration quality,
• Room acoustics,
• Psychoacoustics, or
• Environmental psychology with focus on human response to sound and/or vibration.

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to attract external funding, as well as documented proficiency in teaching and supervision at university level.

The position is a full-time permanent post and the application deadline is January 31, 2015.

Further details about the post and the application procedure can be found here.

For questions, please contact:
Prof. Wolfgang Kropp, Head of Division: wolfgang.kropp@xxxxxxxxxxx