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PhD positions in computational neuroscience

One or more PhD positions in computational neuroscience are available in the Neural Reckoning Group of Dan Goodman at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London. I am interested in supervising students with a strong mathematical, computational or neuroscience background. Projects could be carried out in several possible areas, including neuroinformatics (i.e simulation and analysis of neural data) or sensory neuroscience (e.g. spiking neural models in the auditory system). For more information about the group, including some suggestions for research topics, see http://neural-reckoning.org/openings.html. In addition to working within the group, studying at Imperial College provides excellent opportunities for interacting with other theoretical and experimental researchers, both at Imperial (recently ranked 2nd in the world in the QS world university rankings) and in the many neuroscience groups in London.

Applicants should initially send me a brief CV and cover letter with a description of research interests or a proposed project, and will eventually have to formally apply through the standard Imperial College mechanism (for more information, see http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/electricalengineering/courses/phd). Funding is available for at least one student, and there are several competitive funding schemes at Imperial which would provide funding for additional students.

Also, please forward this message on to any of your students or colleagues with students that you think may be interested.

Dan Goodman