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New book -- Communication acoustics: An introduction to Speech, Audio and Psychoacoustics

Dear Colleague, 
[sorry if you get this message multiple times]

this is to inform that the book "Communication acoustics: An introduction to Speech, Audio and Psychoacoustics”  by Ville Pulkki and Matti Karjalainen is available as a hardcover and as an ebook from Wiley.

The book makes an introduction to the fields which concern some kind of  communication channel having the human as listener in the end, the fields together are called as “communication acoustics”. 

The main fields  discussed in the book are: 
Physics of sound / Signal processing / Human voice and speech / Music instruments and synthesis / Psychoacoustic testing / Psychoacoustic quantities / Spatial hearing / Auditory modeling / Sound reproduction / Time-frequency-domain audio processing / Speech technologies / Sound quality / Technical audiology

The book has 456 pages and 250 figures. Its table of contents can be viewed here: 

The book is primarily meant for Msc-level teaching in technical universities, but it also serves as a reference book for professionals in the field. 
In my university, the book is partially read on the first course in the master program on acoustics and audio technology, after which more detailed courses take place. 

If you are thinking that the book could be used in your teaching, you can request a copy for evaluation from Wiley. I am planning to publish also the slides that I use in my classes. 

All the best, 
Ville Pulkki
Tenure track assistant professor 
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
School of Electrical Engineering
Aalto University