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Sad news, again

In case some of you have not heard this news, and at Steve Colburn's request, I am passing on the message he sent to his seminar mailing list and a link to more information on the department website about the recent death of David Mountain. Another huge loss.    http://www.bu.edu/bme/2014/11/14/david-mountain-dies/

Dear HRC members and friends:

I am sending the sad news that we learned today:  we lost our deeply loved and respected colleague David Mountain.  He lost his battle with cancer Wednesday night, a battle that he fought so well that we did not understand how seriously he was at risk.

David is a central figure in our field and in our experiences.  He is a giant in multiple areas of auditory research, and he has been a role model for many of us in his ability to pursue his ideas intensely with the highest standards of integrity and creativity.  

I want to get this message out to you with the urgency it deserves, and therefore I will postpone a more complete statement of his huge impact on me and my life and a more detailed discussion of his contributions to our field.

I miss him terribly.  I am struggling to deal with this news, which I know is true but which my soul rejects.  

Hearing Research Center
Boston University