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New session! Auditory and Multisensory Perception (Euronoise 2015 )

Dear colleagues,

We are inaugurating a new session at EURONOISE 2015, entirely dedicated to “Auditory and Multisensory Perception”.
We have confirmed invited papers from U. Oxford, U. Plymouth, U. Gent, KU Leuven and VUB.

For the ones interested in participating, please follow the instructions below. If you can’t find the session during registration and submission, please follow the classification ”11. Psychoacoustics and Sound Quality” and specify with comments that your paper is being submitted for the “Auditory and Multisensory Perception” session. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me (freinoso_at_vub.ac.be)

Hope to see many of you in Maastricht!



Chairs of the session “Auditory and Multisensory Perception":

Prof. Marc Leman (head of IPEM, U. Gent)
Felipe Reinoso Carvalho (PhD candidate, VUB/KUL)

for EURONOISE 2015, Maastricht, Netherlands
31 May – 3 June, 2015

EXTENDED DEADLINE, until November 8th



In association with EAA, the Acoustical Society of the Netherlands and the Belgian Acoustical Society invites you to attend Euronoise 2015, the premier international conference on noise and vibration control in 2015. This will be an excellent opportunity for you and your organization to gain valuable exposure to and within the acoustic fraternity.
A 200 word abstract may now be submitted through our website, www.euronoise2015.eu, where you can select from a list of potential session topics. 


Euronoise 2015, the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held at the heart of Europe where the first treaties leading to the creation of the European Union were signed. Acousticians and noise experts from all over the World will gather in Maastricht around the theme Science and technology for a quiet Europe and discuss recent findings and innovations in noise effects, noise policy, noise and vibration control, building and room acoustics, urban sound planning, soundscape, computational models, auralisation, and many related topics.


In addition to the technical sessions, there will be an extensive exhibition of equipment and materials related to the conference topics. Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided in the exhibition area. The website, www.euronoise2015.eu allows you to submit your abstract and paper, register for the congress or reserve your exhibition booth. The website will regularly be updated with more details regarding the congress.


Abstracts must be submitted by NOVEMBER 8th and papers are due February 15, 2015.


The Belgian and Dutch acoustical societies, ABAV and NAG, warmly welcome you to Maastricht from May 31st till June 3rd for Euronoise 2015.


Dr. ir. Ysbrand Wijnant (chair)
Prof. dr. ir. Dick Botteldooren (chair)


See You at EURONOISE 2015

Felipe Reinoso Carvalho

+32 (0) 489353218

PhD candidate (VUB / KUL)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
ETRO - Pleinlaan 2, 
1050, Brussels