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Release of UrbanSound: a dataset and taxonomy for urban sound research

** Apologies for any cross-posting ***

Dear list,

We are pleased to announce the release of UrbanSound, a dataset containing 27 hours of field-recordings with over 3000 labelled sound source occurrences from 10 sound classes. The dataset focuses on sounds that occur in urban acoustic environments.

To facilitate comparable research on urban sound source classification, we are also releasing a second version of this dataset, UrbanSound8K, with 8732 excerpts limited to 4 seconds (also with source labels), and pre-sorted into 10 stratified folds. In addition to the source ID both datasets also include a (subjective) salience label for each source occurrence: foreground / background.

The datasets are released for research purposes under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License, and are available online at the dataset companion website:


This companion website also contains further information about each dataset, including the Urban Sound Taxonomy from which the 10 sound classes in this dataset were selected.

The datasets and taxonomy will be presented at the ACM Multimedia 2014 conference in Orlando in a couple of weeks. For those interested, please see our paper:

J. Salamon, C. Jacoby and J. P. Bello, "A Dataset and Taxonomy for Urban Sound Research", in Proc. 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Orlando USA, Nov. 2014.

For those attending ISMIR 2014 next week, Justin will also be there if you would like to discuss the datasets and taxonomy.

We hope you find the datasets useful for your work and look forward to seeing some of you at ISMIR and ACM-MM in the coming weeks.


Justin, Christopher and Juan.

Justin Salamon
Post-doctoral researcher
Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL)
& Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)
New York University, New York, NY