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PhD Scholarships Available - MARCS Institute/The HEARing CRC

The MARCS Institute
3 PhD Scholarships Available
The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (HEARingCRC) is an internationally unique research, clinical and industry organisation, constituting five core and 21 support members. The HEARing CRC was funded in 2007 through the Commonwealth Government Cooperative Research Centre Program and has recently received a five year funding extension to continue developing new devices, therapies and service delivery models to improve the prevention, detection and remediation of hearing disorders. 

The MARCS Institute, who joined the HEARing CRC in 2014, studies the scientific bases of human communication. MARCS research on brain, behaviour and development encompasses such areas as how we learn language and handle foreign accents, how to program robots for human interaction, how we can enhance communication with infants, those with hearing impairments, and the elderly, and how music and dance communicate universally. We apply our work to advanced technology, biomedical engineering, and improving physical and mental health by designing electronics inspired by neural systems, building better biomedical devices, analysing heightened performance in the creative arts, and addressing impaired performance in developmental delay and sensory deficit. 

The MARCS Institute in conjunction with the HEARing CRC invites applications from highly motivated graduates seeking to undertake a PhD in this exciting project. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the following researchers to discuss their interests and to ensure their research proposal is relevant to the Language Processing Program within the MARCS-HEARing CRC collaboration. 
* Professor Denis Burnham, d.burnham@xxxxxxxxxx (especially regarding research on hearing impairment and infant language development) 
* Professor Christopher Davis, chris.davis@xxxxxxxxxx (especially regarding research on hearing and cognitive impairment in the elderly) 

Essential Criteria 
Applicants should hold an Australian First Class Bachelor Honours degree, OR equivalent qualifications and/or research experience (including research publications) in a field such as psychology, speech & hearing science; audiology; cognitive neuroscience; sensory neuroscience; cognitive science and technology; linguistics; psycholinguistics.

International applicants must also demonstrate a high level of proficiency in the English language. Please refer to the University's website for information about English Language Requirements. 

What does a Scholarship at MARCS provide? All students receive: 
* Support for conference attendance (domestic and international), fieldwork and additional costs as appropriate. 
* Access to the extensive range of MARCS specialised equipment, laboratory space and facilities. 
* Additional funding to support training and equipment purchases. 
* A rich environment of support and academic expertise via supervisory panels, seminars, colloquia, international and industry collaborations. 

In addition, the link with the HEARing CRC provides a unique opportunity for students to get to know other researchers and industry professionals across 25 research, clinical and commercial organisations and HEARing CRC student symposiums provide a supportive environment for candidates to share their research, receive additional training and explore career development opportunities.

Domestic Students receive: 
* Tax free stipend of up to $25,392 per annum for up to 3 years, a funded place in the doctoral program. Additional stipend of $6,000 per annum may be awarded to outstanding students. 

International Students receive: 
* Tax free stipend of up to $25,392 per annum for up to 3 years. Additional stipend of $6,000 per annum may be awarded to outstanding students. 
* Outstanding students may be awarded a Tuition Fee Scholarship valued at approximately $24,000 per annum for up to 3 years. 
* Up to $2,960 towards the cost of an Overseas Student Health Care Policy. 

The next step? 
* Please visit the people page and the research programs page on the MARCS website for more information about potential supervisors and projects. 
* For information about the application process, contact MARCS Institute Manager Darlene Williams: dk.williams@xxxxxxxxxx, +61 2 9772 6726 or Office of Research Services to discuss enrolment and scholarships: HDRscholarships@xxxxxxxxxx; +61 2 4736 0966 

Applications Close - 14 November 2014