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Correlogram Museum

I'm very happy to announce a new web site I call the Correlogram Museum.

The correlogram is a relatively old model of auditory perception, first invented by James Licklider in the 1950's, later used in the 1990's to model pitch perception, and then used as a basis for computational auditory scene analysis. 

When I was at Apple, Dick Lyon and I created a video tape we called the Apple Hearing Demo Reel. This was a popular item, but it's kind of hard now to find a VHS VCR to play the tape.

So I've recreated the demo reel by turning into a web site. The hope is that this will be the first place people look for information about the correlogram---how the correlogram represents sound and how it is used in the literature.

I hope you find this useful, both for your own edification and for teaching.

Feel free to use this content as you wish.  And do let me know if you have comments, questions, or suggestions.

--- Malcolm Slaney
Principal Research, Microsoft Research, Speech and Dialog Group
Consulting Professor, Stanford University, CCRMA
Affiliate Professor, University of Washington, Electrical Engineering