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Announcement of a one week intensive Postgraduate school in psychoacoustics at Aalborg University Denmark

Dear List,


It is with pleasure that we can now officially announce the upcoming school on 


"Advanced Psychoacoustics: Theory, Practice and Modelling"

Dates: 10-14th of November 2014 

 Aalborg University, Denmark.


It is our honour to announce a postgraduate school on Psychoacoustics, a join effort of the DREAMS-ITN network (www.dreams-itn.eu), Aalborg University (www.aau.dk), KU Leuven (www.kuleuven.be), and EURASIP (www.eurasip.org).


This 5-day course aims to fill the gap between psychoacoustics, signal processing, modelling, and sound perception.  The invited leading experts will provide the state-of-the-art in a wide range of topics within reverberation and psychoacoustics. Moreover, three workshops will run during the school on: 1) Auditory Modelling, 2) Room Acoustic Simulation and Analysis, and 3) Perceptual Evaluation and Experimental Design.  The school commences on Monday 10th of November at 8:00, and the final item on the schedule finishes at 17:00 on Friday 14th of November.


The school is expected to be very popular, thus, the organisers will follow a first-come first-served registration procedure. For more information please follow the link below.  Registration will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached (~45).


Direct Link to Registration page: goo.gl/nYDEYz

Detailed information about the school: http://goo.gl/NFiKVe




This 5-day intensive course will address topics in psychoacoustics’ theoretical framework, laboratory techniques and methodologies, as well as perceptual-based modelling, targeting researchers who work in the domain of Reverberation and Dereverberation, in an audio signal processing context. The course program is designed to provide a collection of advanced topics in psychoacoustics, where experts will provide the participants with a thorough insight to a set of pre-selected topics, over lectures, workshops, and masterclasses. Although a brief introduction to general psychoacoustics will be given, the attendee is expected to be confident with basic psychoacoustics and/or audio signal processing, auditory modelling (see Moore, 2013; Plack 2008). 


Target Group Industry Researchers, PostDocs, PhD Students.

Pre-Requirements: At least one of: Basic psychoacoustics, auditory system principles and audio signal processing are pre-required for all attendees.

ECTS: The school has been assigned 4,5 ECTS, for reading material, attendance, and workshops. An official reading list will be provided 3 weeks before the school. It is required to attend at least 80% of the lectures.

Organisers: Søren Bech (Aalborg University, Bang & Olufsen A/S), Søren Holdt Jensen (Aalborg University), Toon van Waterschoot (KU Leuven), Neo Kaplanis (Bang & Olufsen A/S ), Christer Peter Volk (DELTA A/S ), and EURASIP.

Invited Speakers:   Alexander Lindau (TU-Berlin),  Alexander Raake (TU-Berlin), Dorte Hammershøi (Aalborg University), Jan Larsen (DTU), Jasper van Dorp Schuitman (Civolution), Nick Zacharov (DELTA A/S), Søren Bech (B&O), Steven van de Par (University of Oldenburg), Tapio Lokki (Aalto), Wolfgang Ellermeier (TU-Darmstadt).

Topic List

Topic 1: Introduction to Psychoacoustics (Half day)
Speakers: Dorte Hammershøi

Topic 2: Advanced Psychoacoustics –Latest ResearchU pdates (Half day)
Speakers: Steven van De Par

Topic 3A: Auditory Modelling – Psychoacoustical Perspective(Half day)
Speakers: Jasper van Dorp Schuitman

Topic 3B: Auditory Modelling – Cognitive Perspective (Half day)
Speakers: Jan Larsen

Topic 4A: Experiments in Psychophysics/ Psychometrics (Half day)
Speakers: Wolfgang Ellermeier

Topic 4B: Perceptual Evaluations (Half day)
Speakers: Nick Zacharov & Søren Bech

Topic 5: Binaural Technology and Virtual Reality (Full day)
Speakers: Alexander Raake & Alexander Lindau

Topic 6: Sound Perception in Rooms – Sensory – Analysis  + (Half day)
Speakers: Tapio Lokki 

Topic 7: Reverberation’s Psychoacoustics (Half day)
Speakers: Tapio Lokki, Alexander Lindau, and Panel Experts.




W1 - MATLAB / Signal Processing Workshop (Alexander Lindau, Jasper van Dorp Schuitman)

Room Acoustic Simulation and Auralisation 

Auditory Modelling


W2 - Perceptual Evaluation (Nick Zacharov)

Designing and Running an Experimental Design

Data Analysis