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Position announcement: Software developer for speech & language technologies

I am forwarding a job posting for an in-house contractor position (Ball Aerospace & Tech Corp) to work with our group at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, OH. The position is for a software developer with experience and interest in developing applications centered on language technology (Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Multi-Modal Dialog Management). The focus of our research program is on augmenting traditional communications in command and control environments to facilitate more effective communication in human-human and human-machine teams.

You can view and apply for this job at:  

Note that U.S. citizenship is required to be eligible for the position.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this position.
Best regards

Eric R. Thompson, Ph.D.
Research Engineer
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Supporting AFRL 711 HPW/RHCB
2610 Seventh Street, Area B, Building 441
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH  45433
phone: 937-255-2060
fax: 937-656-7680
email: eric.thompson.22.ctr@xxxxxxxxx