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Acoustics Australia 42(2): Special Issue: AUDITORY PERCEPTION: Speech and Music

A special issue of Acoustics Australia on Auditory Perception: Speech and
Music is now available.
Nine review papers report current work conducted in research laboratories
in Australia, Canada,
England, France, Japan and the USA. Two of the articles are concerned with
speech perception (Anne Cutler; Daniel Williams & Paola Escudero), three
with principles of auditory perception that apply to speech and music ­
grouping (Yoshitaka Nakajima et al.), informational masking (Simon
Carlile) and
localization (roger Dean), two on pitch processing (Barbara Tillmann;
Jeremy Marozeau
et al.), and two on music perception (Nina Kraus; Daniel Cameron & Jessica


Individual articles are here:

Feel free to to forward the URL to colleagues and students.

Kate Stevens
Guest Editor

Professor Kate Stevens
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University of Western Sydney

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