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Re: Precedence effect in real systems?

Dear Richard,

with respect to Hüseyin's proposals it might be also interesting to look at the works of Jörg Buchholz on 'Room Masking Models'

Buchholz (2001): Room Masking Understanding and Modelling the the Masking of Room Reflections, 110th AES Convention

Buchholz (2003): Modeling the auditory signal processing in reverberant environments, German Acoustics Conference (DAGA)

Buchholz (2007): Characterizing the monaural and binaural processes underlying reflection masking, Hearing Research 232 (2007) 52–66


Am 26.08.2014 19:47, schrieb Richard F. Lyon:
I'm trying to find examples of where models of the precedent effect have been applied to binaural or multi-microphone sound separation or enhancements systems.  Looking at recent REVERB and CHiME challenges, I'm not finding much.

Can anyone point me at successes or failures of precedence effect models in systems that have actually been evaluated in some task relative to other approaches?


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