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Re: perceptual evaluation of cochlear models

Hello Francesco,

McGill alumni here - I did a bit of study in this direction, you can
read about it in my thesis:

My argument was that if you have a good auditory model, you should be
able to start from only the model parameters and be able to
reconstruct the original signal with perceptual transparency.  I was
looking at this in the context of perceptual coding - a perceptual
coder minus the entropy stage effectively verifies the model.  If
artefacts do appear, they can (indirectly) tell you what you are

I was specifically looking at gammatone filterbank methods, so there
is no comparison to other schemas - but I hope it is a bit in the
direction you're looking at.


On 2 September 2014 20:39, ftordini@xxxxxxxxx <ftordini@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear List members,
> I am looking for references on perceptual evaluation of cochlear models -
> taken form an analysis-synthesis point of view, alike the work introduced in
> Homann_2002 (Frequency analysis and synthesis using a Gammatone filterbank,
> §4.3).
> Are you aware of any study that tried to assess the performance of
> gammatone-like filterbanks used as a synthesis model?   (AKA, what are the
> advantages over MPEG-like schemas?)
> All the best,
> Francesco
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