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3-Year Post-Doc position in MEG at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Glasgow, UK

3-Year Post-Doc position in MEG/EEG at the Centre for Cognitive
Neuroimaging, Glasgow, UK

We are seeking a candidate to perform neuroimaging studies (MEG/EEG) on
auditory and audio-visual perception in the context of a 3-year projected
entitled, “Pathways and mechanisms underlying the visual enhancement of
hearing in challenging environments”. The study is performed in a leading
neuroimaging facility (http://www.ccni.gla.ac.uk/) under the supervision of
PIs Christoph Kayser  (http://inl.ccni.gla.ac.uk/) and Joachim Gross. 

Candidates will be working in an interdisciplinary environment and will take
over large parts of the project incl. data acquisition, data analysis, and
dissemination.  Ideal candidates have a PhD in a relevant subject area, and
extensive and up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge of MEG or EEG,
signal processing using Matlab, general neuroimaging experience as well as
knowledge of the current literature in the fields of multisensory
integration, brain rhythms and speech perception.

This position is funded for 3 years from 1 December 2014, at UK RA Salary
Grade 7 (£33,242 – £37,394 per annum). 

Please apply online at www.glasgow.ac.uk/jobs 
Closing date: 28 September 2014

Questions may be directed to the PI: Christoph.Kayser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.