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Workshop announcement -- Motion tracking and moving audio, Oct 13 & 14, Glasgow

Workshop Announcement

Moving Sounds and Moving Listeners: A two day workshop on the use of motion tracking and moving audio in hearing research

Date: Midday Monday to midday Tuesday, October 13th and 14th, 2014.

Location: MRC/CSO Institute of Hearing Research (Scottish Section), Glasgow, Scotland

Hosts: Owen Brimijoin and Michael A. Akeroyd

Science Contact: owen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Administrative Contact: carole@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our acoustic world is in constant motion because our ears are attached to our heads, and we are rarely perfectly still. Auditory researchers have acknowledged this for over a century, but technology has limited our ability to thoroughly investigate the perceptual and physiological consequences of self-generated acoustic motion. This is no longer the case: the cost of accurate and high speed motion tracking equipment has dropped drastically and the increase in the computing power of desktop computers has made it possible to use software to move the physical or virtual locations of sound sources in near real time.

We are hosting a short, informal workshop on this rapidly expanding field of research. The workshop will include invited and submitted talks on original research in the field as well as thorough discussions of the advantages and opportunities (and the perils and pitfalls) associated with moving audio research. Furthermore, the workshop will include practical demonstrations on how motion tracking can be used to create sounds with illusory positions or create sounds that move as a precise function of head movements. We will also demonstrate how motion tracking can be used to present signals over headphones that appear to originate from stable locations out in the world, rather than inside the head. Matlab code for the motion-tracking demonstrations will be freely provided along with a welcome lunch and workshop dinner.

Spaces will be limited. To register, contact Carole Torrance (carole@xxxxxxxxxxxxx). There are slots available for contributed talks, so if you are also interested in presenting your own work please submit a brief abstract to Carole before the 3rd of October. Please keep the purpose of the workshop in mind and make sure you are prepared to discuss your methods in detail with all the workshop participants.

Invited Speakers:
Ewan MacPherson        – University of Western Ontario, Canada
Lutz Wiegrebe             – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany
Jennifer Bizley             – UCL Ear Institute, United Kingdom

Cost: A £20 attendance fee will be used to offset the cost of the food, tea and coffee, and venue. This fee will be waived for students. Glasgow is a lively city with an international airport and rail connections to almost anywhere in the UK. Motion tracking is a fascinating tool that’s unlocking a startling array of auditory experiments, so come join us to learn and talk about it for a couple of lovely autumn days in Scotland!

For any additional questions, send an email to owen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

all the best,

-Owen and Mike.

W. Owen Brimijoin, PhD, Senior Investigator Scientist
Dr Michael A Akeroyd, Section Director
MRC/CSO Institute of Hearing Research
Glasgow, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 141 201 8750