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Re: Does anybody know a similar study?

This paper looks at the effect of repeated replay on intelligibility:

Hilkhuysen, G., Lloyd, J., Huckvale, M., "Effects of replay on the intelligibility of noisy speech", Proc. 46th AES Conference on Audio Forensics, Denver Colorado, 2012, pp50-56.

A PDF is available at: http://www.clear-labs.com/publications.php

It shows that while intelligibility reaches a plateau after 5 repeats, confidence in one's judgement continues to increase beyond 5 repeats.

Mark Huckvale

On 17/06/2014 15:46, Massimo Grassi wrote:
Dear list members,

yesterday I colleague played me a sample (a sentence) of highly degraded speech.
It was a recording made in a highly noisy environment. It included speech (a
conversation) that was hardly intelligible except for a few occasional words.

The colleague asked me to listen to the sample and pay attention whether I was
able to spot a few target words. These words were not intelligible to me.

The colleague then selected a portion of the recording and played it in loop.
That portion included (according to him) one target word. After a few loops I
was able to "perceive" the word.

This is exactly the problem. I'm wandering whether it was just a suggestion due
to the repeated listening of an ambiguous auditory signal. A kid of auditory
Rorschach test: there seem to be nothing at the beginning but if you keep
listening you can hear whatever you like.

Is there anybody out there that is aware of studies that investigated whether
listening in loop to an ambiguous signal can lead to hear things that are not in
the signal?

I didn't find anything yet.

Thank you all in advance,

Mark Huckvale
UCL Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences