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Updated: The First International Meeting on Internet & Aud iology, Linköping, Sweden, 3-4 October 2014

Excuse for multiple postings.

Please note that deadline for abstract submission has been prolonged to 15th of July.

The First International Meeting on Internet & Audiology

Linköping, Sweden, 3-4 October 2014

We now invite researchers and other interested people to come to Linköping, Sweden for the First international meeting on Internet & Audiology, which will be held the 3-4 October 2014. This is not a typical conference as there will be no conference fee.

We invite abstracts for short presentations (15 minutes) and the intention is to present new and innovative research and to have space for discussions in this emerging field. The conference will be held at Linköping university and the number of delegates is limited to 120.

We believe that it is now time to bring researchers and other stakeholders together and we invite talks (and posters if preferred) on the broad topic of Internet & Audiology. This includes research on hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. We can assist with advice on travel and hotel but as part of the no cost idea we will not charge anything and will not book hotel for you. We intend to have a conference dinner (payed by delegate).

For further information, see: http://www.internetaudiology.eu/

We hope you find this interesting and in line with your work!

Gerhard Andersson, professor and chair of the meeting
Thomas Lunner, professor and co-chair of the meeting

Organizing committe:
Ariane Laplante-Lévesque, PhD
Elisabeth Ingo, MSc
Peter Molander, MSc
George Vlaescu, webmaster

Audiology and Internet

The internet and modern information technology has had a major impact in health care and also in audiology. Not only are we using information technology such as websites and e-mail in the clinic, but there is also a growing number of studies in which the internet is used in audiological research.

One of the first applications in the world was internet-delivered psychological treatment for tinnitus back in the late 1990’s and since then there have been many other applications such as online hearing screening, online questionnaires, audiological rehabilitation, and many other uses of the internet. In Sweden a research program called FAS-IT has been running for more than four years and there are many other projects in the world involving the internet.



Thomas Lunner
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