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Reminder - PhD student in auditory research

A reminder of the PhD position in Linköping. Deadline for applications is the 16th of June.


The group for auditory research at Linköping University offer a position as a PhD student in Direct cochlear stimulation for implantable hearing technology. The position is divided between the labs of Anders Fridberger and Stefan Stenfelt.


Applicants are encouraged to read the full posting at (PhD student in Medical science)



Problems with hearing are considered the 3rd largest chronic disease in the world. Due to the ageing population in the world and high communication demands, problems related to loss of hearing function are increasing.

Most hearing aids amplify the incoming sound and present the amplified sound via a receiver in the ear canal. However, recently developed hearing aids provide the output as a vibration at the middle ear ossicles, to the skull bone, or more directly to the cochlea. The aim of the PhD program is to determine the effectiveness of different types of cochlear stimulation. This is done in animal models as well as human temporal bone specimens by means of vibration measurement using LASER vibrometry and pressure measurements. The outcome of the research is improved hearing aid technology and consequently improved rehabilitation and benefit for persons with hearing loss.

The research groups works in several areas in audiology and hearing science, e.g. hearing physiology, diagnosis of hearing loss, rehabilitation and intervention, hearing aids and cochlear implants, and digital signal processing. The research is multidisciplinary and the group comprises competences within biomedical engineering, medicine, behavior and pedagogical sciences. Technical Audiology is part of the Linnaeus Centre HEAD where cognitive hearing science is the main focus. 

Stefan Stenfelt

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