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Auditory @ Internet-Scale Multimedia Management in ACM Multimedia 2014


Dear colleagues,


CALL FOR PAPERS: The 1st workshop on Internet-Scale Multimedia Management (ISMM14, November 7) @ ACM Multimedia in Orlando, Florida, USA.


Every day people create and consume massive amounts of multimedia information and data by engaging with various mobile Internet services. With a wide variety of multimedia information and data around us being aggregated over time, the Internet is getting increasingly information-centric. We are experiencing an age of increasing demands on how we host various people’s online engagements and how to strengthen people’s lives in the physical world with more personalized smart services. One of the characteristics of multimedia information and data is that their scale is massive and requires a technological infrastructure that can accommodate rapid processing, large scale storage, and flexible analysis of multi-structured data.

This workshop addresses a focused but broad research theme with an emphasis on how to manage and derive value from multimedia data in the social Internet landscape to facilitate the connections between users’ physical world and their online activities. Workshop areas covered are: (i) discovering user-relevant co-occurrences and associations across the Internet multimedia landscape, (ii) extracting mobile user intentions, physical context, and values of local multimedia topics and events, modeling the user-centric physical world and online activities, (iii) gaining insights and understanding of voluminous and diverse user behaviours, (iv) personalizing decisions and services, and (v) building a multimedia ecosystem for Internet-scale multimedia management.


Collecting your ideas and contributions on:

(i) How to exploit multimedia techniques to provide user platforms with appealing aesthetics and emotions matching users personal tastes? (ii) How to leverage multimedia communication technologies to keep users engaged with the web on-the-go? (iii) How to use social multimedia analytics techniques to understand people’s activity patterns in the physical world? (iv) How to refine multimedia management techniques in large-scale databases so as to respond to user activities on demand? This workshop is interested in in all relevant aspects of people’s lives in the physical world, their online presence analytics, and a cohesive set of social multimedia data.

·         Multimedia cyber-infrastructures and system architectures


The workshop will include invited talks, refereed papers and posters. For more information, please visit the workshop website at http://www.idmi.nus.edu.sg/ismm2014/


Important Dates:

Submission of papers for review: July 7, 2014

Notification of acceptance: August 7, 2014

Camera-ready submission: August 24, 2014

Workshop date: November 7, 2014