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what are your favorite papers?

dear Auditory list,
if you were to do a journal club with postgrad students (in a research area that you feel comfortable in), which fundamental papers would you choose (papers that inspire students, that are groundbreaking and have changed your thinking, that explain a method or are written really well, that use the word "Hemidemisemiquaver", etc)? To restrict the choice a little bit, let's say 3 papers from the last 10 years or so and they shouldn't be too specific. Also, you can't of course chose your own papers. A little bit of text as explanation of why is ok, but not strictly necessary, dois are helpful! 

If I get enough responses, I will collate them and send a summary out beginning of June. (I might split results into themes, if I get enough results). If there is a clear group favorite, we should consider an award!

challenge accepted :)


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