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Call for expressions of interest to host the ICAD 2016 conference and beyond

> Call for expressions of interest in organizing the ICAD 2016 conference and beyond.
> The International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) is an annual, single track conference that includes presentations of papers, poster sessions, workshops, demos and  a Doctoral think tank.
> If you are interested in hosting the ICAD 2016 conference, please contact Tony Stockman (t.stockman@xxxxxxxxxx), the president of ICAD, by sending a two page expression of interest in hosting the conference. A complete expression of interest should include:
> Required:
> * Institution(s) who will be helping to organize the conference
> * Proposed date and location of the conference
> * Potential venue for the conference
> Optional:
> * Committee members who would be responsible for organizing the Conference
> * Organizations prepared to sponsor some aspect of the conference
> * Accommodations for conference attendees with their approximate cost
> * Approximate total cost of conference attendance
> * A rough outline of the proposed conference program
> * A rough social program proposal
> The deadline for submissions is 20th of June, 2014. This deadline has been set so that initial expressions of interest can be considered by the ICAD Board at the 2014 conference. We appreciate this deadline is very tight, therefore, while we would appreciate as much detail about your proposal to host as possible, we understand it is likely it will not be possible to provide all of the details requested above by the submission date. Further, while we are mainly interested in proposals for the 2016 conference, we welcome expressions of interest to host ICAD conferences beyond 2016.
> Please send submissions, or any related queries,  to t.stockman@xxxxxxxxxx


Dr. Tony Stockman