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Suggestion Required

Dear Members,
   I hope that all are fine. I need a suggestion. I wrote a research paper a long time a go that is rather large. Ever since I wrote it, I have been submitting it to various journals for peer review. So far I have not been able to get it published for various reasons. Either the paper gets rejected because it is not relevant for the journal, or it gets rejected because it is too long (I cannot abridge it for technical reasons), or the paper got registered (for the first time) due to a requirement of a major rework (that I cannot do due to not being present at the research institution in which I did this work, but I corrected the major mistakes). I was lucky to have it accepted by an open access journal but my institution refused to pay the charges at that time due to lack of funds. The work I have done is in the field of non-Intrusive speech quality estimation of VoIP. Would it be possible for someone to recommend a journal that is fast track and that would accept my work somehow? I do not mind too much about a very high ranking of the journal (as long as it is a authentic journal of some decent ranking, I am fine with it).

Thanking in anticipation,
Muhammad Adil