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Re: Does anybody recognize the origin of this picture?


just to note, that I think I have found the clue. Thanks for Thibaud
Necciari for pointing out [Duifhuis] paper, and using them I found two
more [below], which have very similar results than in Matti's fig:

Feth, Lawrence L., and Honor O¹Malley. "Influence of temporal masking on
click-pair discriminability." Perception & Psychophysics 22.5 (1977):

Ronken, Don A. "Monaural detection of a phase difference between
clicks."The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 47.4B (2005):

Duifhuis, H. "Consequences of peripheral frequency selectivity for
nonsimultaneous masking." The Journal of the Acoustical Society of
America54.6 (2005): 1471-1488.

I did not find the original Matti's figure from anywhere, he might even
have measured the data for that fig with a small listening tests with
himself. Anyway, I am on safe side now.


>In the test the subject has heard a sequence of masking impulses (e.g.
>with 50 Hz rate), and a test impulse has been presented before or after
>the masking impulse, and the threshold of audibility has been measured for
>the test impulse. The figure is here:
>Any ponters would be appreciated.
>Grateful for your help!
>Ville Pulkki
>Tenure track assistant professor
>Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
>School of electrical engineering
>Aalto University