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Postdoctoral position in human neurophysiology of speech perception

Title: Postdoctoral position at Columbia University in the City of New York

URL: http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~nima/web/Positions.html

A full-time postdoctoral position is available jointly in the
laborites of Dr. Nima Mesgarani (Electrical Engineering) and Dr.
Sameer Sheth (Neurosurgery Department) to study speech processing in
human auditory cortex. We use ECoG recordings in implanted epilepsy
patients at Columbia University Medical Center to investigate the
mechanisms underlying robust speech perception. There is opportunity
for collaboration with Columbia researchers across multiple
disciplines, including Center for Theoretical Neuroscience,
Neuroscience Department, Grossman Center for Statistics of Mind,Mind
Brain Behavior Institute, Neural Engineering, and Natural Language
Processing. Funding is available for at least 2-3 years at a
competitive level. Columbia University offers generous benefits and
affordable housing options in Manhattan. Interested applicants should
send a cover letter and CV to nima@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Relevant publications:

*N. Mesgarani et. al. (2014), "Phonetic feature encoding in human
superior temporal gyrus",Science, 101126

*N. Mesgarani, E. Chang, (2012) "Selective cortical representation of
attended speaker in multi-talker speech perception", Nature, 485:

*S. A. Sheth et. al. (2012). Human dorsal anterior cingulate cortex
neurons mediate ongoing behavioral adaptation. Nature, 488(7410),