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Assoc. for Res. in Otolaryngolgy meeting; Feb 2014 - Mentoring sessions for students, postdocs, clinicians

Dear List,
For those attending the upcoming ARO meeting in San Diego, please note that we will have our (now annual) 8-session mentoring program.
We devote two, 1-hour sessions per day, in a dedicated room open throughout the meeting for additional mentoring gatherings.

Look out for the room number in the program as it unfolds online

Topics in 2014:

Sat 12-1: Pros and Cons of Being a Clinician Scientist
Sat 1-2:   Career Opportunities in Industry
Sun 11-1: Publishing & Grant Applications
Sun 1-2: Building Mentoring Relationships
Mon 12-1: How To Look for a Job & Start a lab
Mon 1-2: Diversity, hearing impairment, and related issues
Tues 12-1: Transitioning from science to administration
Tues 1-2: Work-Life Balance


(on behalf of the ARO Council, program committee and students/postdocs of ARO)

Ruth Litovsky, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and
Co-Chair AdHoc Diversity Planning Committee
Director, Graduate Program in Audiology
Director, Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab, Waisman Center
Phone: 608-262-5045
Email: litovsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:litovsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
URL: www.waisman.wisc.edu/bhl