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Upcoming Cybernetics conferences in DC that would accept relevant auditory work

Dear Colleagues - You may not know about the following double-conference in Washington DC. The respective websites (below) will hopefully give you all the info you need. (The one for ASC 2014 is still in progress, as the group is smaller than ISSS.) If your work satisfies Wiener's description of "Control and communication in the animal and the machine" (or even if not), then it may be appropriate for one or both of these conferences. I have presented my own work on the limitations of information theory in psychology (including hearing science) at ASC conferences. I was also an organizer of the 2012 Asilomar Conference of the ASC, and the eclectic mix of people from the Arts and the Sciences provided a stimulating environment.
Registration at these events also tends to be cheaper than for medical-oriented events such as Soc Neurosci, and they are open to all comers. Don't worry too much about the "themes"- they tend to be interpreted in the most general way possible.  - Lance Nizami PhD, Palo Alto, Cal.

ISSS 2014 Conference

Learning Across Boundaries: Exploring the Variety of Systemic Theory and Practice

The 58th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences will be held at George Washington University, Washington DC, July 27 through August 1, 2014.   http://isss.org/world/index.php
American Society for Cybernetics 2014 Conference
We are planning to hold the 2014 ASC conference at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. between 03-Aug-2014 and 09-Aug-2014. During this time, on 06-Aug-2014 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the American Society for Cybernetics!
The planned conference theme is Living in Cyberneticshttp://asc-cybernetics.org/2014/