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PhD Position Human-Computer Interaction in Musical Interfaces, ETH Zurich

The Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at ZHdK Zurich and the Music Technology Group within the Wearable Computing Lab at ETH Zurich, have launched a joint research project entitled “Audio-Haptic Modalities in Musical Interfaces” (grant awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation). The project aims at the design and evaluation of digital musical instruments yielding audio-haptic feedback. 

Within the project, a PhD position has been opened at ETH Zurich, addressing two main research topics:
1. Measurement, signal processing and data analysis on musical instruments (e.g. stringed or wind). The main focus lies in vibration measurements at areas normally in contact with the player and related gesture measurements.
2. Design and evaluation of sensors and actuators for the implementation of new prototype interfaces. This activity can comprise the use of piezo technology for sensing and vibrotactile feedback, the use of laser vibrometer for non-contact measurement, identification of low and high level gestures.

    - MSc degree in EE, CS or mechanics.
    - a major in e.g. signal processing, sensor and actuator systems, human-computer interfaces, machine learning.
    - a strong interests in the combination of theoretical and experimental research also in collaboration with professional musicians.

Starting date: asap

For further information please contact Prof. Gerhard Tröster.
Full PhD call available at: http://www.ife.ee.ethz.ch/openpositions/Doctoral_Assistants_Musical


Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Zurich University of the Arts

Dr. Stefano Papetti
Research Associate Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology

Baslerstrasse 30, 8048 Zurich
Phone +41 43 446 5516

www.zhdk.ch, www.icst.net