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Objet Sonore Lectures: Erin Gee & Neil Scotten

Greetings List, Happy New Year!

Objet Sonore has teamed up with DHC/Art and the PHI Center for our Winter/Spring lecture Season! We are delighted about this collaboration. After a whirlwind six months of hard work and excellent lecture events, we have an opportunity to make our series sustainable. We really need your help to do this. Our collaboration is contingent on growing audience numbers, so your support is crucial to the continuation of our series. Please support us by coming out to our first event on Saturday, January 18th. And bring your friends. We are offering a limited number of free advance tickets, available through the PHI website: http://phi-centre.com/en/events/id/objetsonore. Their ticketing system is a bit extensive, but please bear through. We need you there.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/617543814979497

4.30-7.30pm at the PHI Center (407 Rue Saint Pierre).
w/ a Wine Bar (!!)

18 janvier / January 18, 2014

Erin Gee 
The Truth about Spying on Spies with Shortwave Radio: 7 Nights of Unspeakable Truth / Espionner les espions avec une radio à ondes courtes : sept nuits de vérité inexprimable

Sandwiched between the AM and FM dials on your radio lay the less-often experienced frequencies of short-wave radio. Erin Gee shares her 7 night research into contemporary short-wave including military broadcasts, amateur morse operators and the mysterious phenomena of numbers stations.

Généralement situées entre les bandes AM et FM sur votre radio, les fréquences à ondes courtes sont rarement explorées. Erin Gee partagera les résultats de sept nuits de recherche sur l'étendue actuelle de la radiodiffusion sur ondes courtes, y compris les transmissions militaires, les messages amateurs en code Morse et le phénomène mystérieux des postes à numéros.

Neil Scotten 

Nostalgia and Memory Making / La nostalgie et l'élaboration de la mémoire

The term "nostalgia" can be variously understood. It can be anything from a surprising, sometimes wildly inaccurate incursion from the past, to an occasionally fatal, unsatisfied longing for home. Using illustrations and ideas from the worlds of photography, diagnostic psychiatry and vintage electronics, this talk will suggest that nostalgia can be a useful guide to asking questions about our understandings of time and the nature of memory.

Le terme de « nostalgie » peut être interprété de plusieurs manières, allant de l'incursion surprenante et parfois excessivement imprécise du passé au désir ardent, inassouvi et quelquefois fatal de retourner chez soi. À l'aide d'images et d'idées empruntées à la photographie, aux diagnostics psychiatriques et à l'électronique ancienne, la conférence suggérera que la nostalgie peut être un outil utile pour sonder notre compréhension du temps et de la nature de la mémoire.

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Thank you for your time. We both look forward to seeing you at the event!

Best regards,

Michael Palumbo & Jamie Woollard
Curators, Objet Sonore

Twitter: @objetsonore

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Michael Palumbo

Founder, objetsonore.com

Electroacoustic Studies Major
Department of Music, Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada