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PhD Scholarships UK/EU

De Montfort University currently has a number of full-bursary PhD scholarships open to UK/EU students. Supervision is available in audio technology related areas, including:

- Spatial audio : dynamic binaural synthesis, holography - Wavefield synthesis, Ambisonics, complex object / reverberation synthesis
- Environmental synthesis for virtual worlds : resonator and surface models, non-linear effects, framework design and integration, application to haptics.
- Musical interfaces and synthesis : sensor topologies and processing, integration with synthesis models, including physical and concatenative models.
- Language and speech processing : Assessing grammar, articulation prediction from speech. Speech training.

Joint supervision can readily be arranged with other subject groups such as music, computational intelligence, psychology.

For further information:

The deadline for application is soon -  the 24th January. If interested please contact me directly to discuss further: 

Best wishes,

Dylan Menzies