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MTG-QBH: new dataset of sung melodies

*** apologies for any cross-posting ***

Dear list,

As a little gift for the holiday season (be it Christmas, Hannukah, Tenno no Tanjobi or any other festivity you may celebrate!), we're glad to announce the release of a new dataset: MTG-QBH, http://mtg.upf.edu/download/datasets/mtg-qbh

The dataset includes 118 recordings of a cappella sung melody excerpts. The recordings were made as part of the experiments on Query-by-Humming (QBH) reported in:
J. Salamon, J. Serrà and E. Gómez, "Tonal Representations for Music Retrieval: From Version Identification to Query-by-Humming", International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval, special issue on Hybrid Music Information Retrieval, In Press (Nov. 2012). 

In addition to the query recordings, three meta-data files are included, one describing the queries and two describing the music collections against which the queries were tested in the experiments described in the aforementioned article. 

The catch: whilst the query recordings are included in this dataset, audio files for the music collections listed in the meta-data files are not included in this dataset, as they are protected by copyright law (sorry!). Nonetheless, all tracks are commercially available and we hope that those interested in using this dataset for QBH will be able to acquire them easily.

Further information about the queries, how they were recorded and by who is available on the dataset website, where you can of course download the audio and metadata files:


We hope that you find this dataset useful, whether for QBH or any other research topic (e.g. monophonic transcription), and would be very interested to receive your feedback.


Justin, Joan and Emilia

Justin Salamon
Music Technology Group (MTG),
Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
Barcelona, Spain