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PhD assistantship @ University of Memphis CSD

Ph.D. graduate assistantship in Hearing Science at the University of Memphis School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
A fully funded Ph.D. assistantship with concentration in Hearing Science is available immediately at the University of Memphis School of Communication Sciences & Disorders. The prospective student will work under the supervision of Gavin M. Bidelman, Ph.D. conducting research activity in the Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (ACNL) [http://www.memphis.edu/acnl/]. The ACNL uses a coordinated blend of techniques including brainstem and cortical auditory evoked potentials (ERPs), computational modeling, and psychoacoustics to decipher the neural basis of complex auditory perception. Current projects are focused on understanding the brain correlates and neurocomputations involved in generating basic psychoacoustic phenomena and the neural processing required of music and speech listening. Complementary work examines the neuroplasticity induced by listening experience and auditory training (e.g., music lessons, bilingualism) and how these influences positively affect listening skills. Research opportunities are also available via the Institute for Intelligent Systems, a network of collaborative, interdisciplinary UofM scholars which brings together researchers from many different fields of the cognitive sciences including biology, communication sciences & disorders, computer science, education, engineering, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. 
The School seeks students who demonstrate high academic achievement, the potential for high productivity, and signs of achieving independent scholarship. Interested applicants with backgrounds in audiology, engineering/acoustics, neuroscience, and/or cognitive psychology are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Please contact Gavin Bidelman, Ph.D. (gmbdlman@xxxxxxxxxxx) for further details. 
Application information can be found at: http://www.memphis.edu/csd/academics/phdapply.htm
Ph.D. application materials are reviewed three times per year for applications completed by February 1, June 1, or October 1. Early applications are encouraged.

Gavin M. Bidelman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Institute for Intelligent Systems
School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
University of Memphis
807 Jefferson Ave., Memphis, TN  38105
TEL: (901) 678-5826
FAX: (901) 525-1282
WWW: http://www.memphis.edu/acnl/