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Conference on Music in Lisbon

Dear Colleagues,

In honor of Wagner's centennial, and in collaboration with the faculty of medicine of the Universidade Nova of Lisbon and the Goethe Institute, Dr Armando Sena and I have organized a conference on music and neuroscience in Lisbon on 25 May 2013. For more information please visit the web site:


May is a beautiful time of year in Portugal and we have a very nice program (see below) so I hope to see some of you there. There will be a poster session as well, so please encourage your students to submit suitable studies.

Best wishes



10.00 Wagner and Science, Armando Sena (Lisbon)
10.30 OPENING LECTURE: The Cerebral Basis of Music, Robert Zatorre (Montreal)

11.15 Coffee-break and Poster Communications

Act I: Music From The Brain, Music For The Brain

11.45 Music Semantics and the Brain, Stefan Koelsch (Berlin)
12.15 Music and Language Learning, Daniele Schön (Marseille)
12.45 Emotions in the Brain, Stefan Koelsch (Berlin)

13.15 Lunch and Poster Communications

14.00 Musical Rhythms and Auditory-Motor Integration in the Brain, Virginia Penhune (Montreal)
14.30 Musical Training and Brain Plasticity, Lutz.Jäncke (Zurich)
15.00 Musical Disorders, Timothy Griffiths (Newcastle upon Tyne)
15.30 Music as a Tool for Human Development, Paulo Maria Rodrigues (Aveiro) and Helena Rodrigues (Lisbon)

16.00 Coffee-Break and Poster Communications

Act II: Wagner, Music And The Brain

16.30 The Language of Music in Wagner, Siegfried Mauser (Munich)
17.15 Wagner Today, Paulo Ferreira de Castro (Lisbon)
17.45 CLOSING LECTURE: António Damásio (Los Angeles)
18.30 End of the Meeting


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