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Re: Music and mood

Hi Daniel,
This is a good study re hearing loss:

Lin FR, Metter E, OâBrien RJ, Resnick SM, Zonderman AB, Ferrucci L. Hearing Loss and Incident Dementia.
Arch Neurol. 2011;68(2):214-220. doi:10.1001/archneurol.2010.362.


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Hear now.  And always

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Hi all,
I have been tasked to give a brief introductory lecture on sound, music and its impact on mood and other neurological disorders as part of a larger symposium on neurological disorders.  I know enough about audition and music, but not much about the interplay of hearing and mood and the effect of sound on anxiety and/or neurological disorders.  Could anybody direct me to some reviews, demonstrations and/or PowerPoint slides that I might be able to use (of course, full acknowledgement would be given)?
Also I would like to highlight the possible role of hearing loss in neurological disorders such as Alzheimerâs, depression, anxiety, etc.  I understand that one of the best predictors of the onset and severity of some of these disorders is social isolationâand that one of the best predictors of social isolation is hearing loss or problems.  Are their studies that have linked hearing problems with these disorders?  Could somebody recommend some readings on this topic?
I know that the list has several musicologists and music therapists, etc., and hopefully somebody knowledgeable about the relationship between hearing and neurological disorders.
Thanks in advance.
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