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ICA special session on perception and orchestration

Dear List,

I am organizing a special session at the International Congress of Acoustics in Montreal 2-7 June 2013. http://www.ica2013montreal.org/

Special Session: Perception and Orchestration Practice

This session will survey different perceptual approaches that could contribute to a psychoacoustic foundation for a theory of orchestration practice. Issues include the perception of instrumental blends, the role of timbre in auditory scene analysis, timbre as a structuring force in musical form, and the role of orchestration in evoking music-induced emotions. I would be interested in both perceptually oriented papers and papers on how perceptual issues can be integrated into computer-aided orchestral rendering environments and computer-aided orchestration environments.

If you are interested in participating please contact me.

The full abstract and short paper will need to be submitted according to the following schedule:

Call for Papers released: October 2012
Deadline for online submission of abstracts: 15 November 2012
Deadline for online submission of manuscripts and conference registration (with payment of conf. fee): 22 January 2013

Stephen McAdams