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Huggins pitch with speech?


I was down the hall from Manfred, and I even moved into his office when he retired. Ideas like this were floating around Bell Labs, all the time.

The effect is very weak, and I cant imagine why anyone (even Manfred) would patent it, other than to get his patent count up. It is a really useless thing to do. You could use it to encrypt speech, and maybe that was the idea, but there are so much better ways to do this.

Here is how you can generate this effect. Start with an LPC vocoder, and then convert the poles of the LPC, into an all-pass filter. One does this by placing zeros across the frequency axis, symmetrically in the right half plane. Then filter noise through this filter, and listen to the noise in one ear, and the filtered noise in the other ear.

I suspect you will not be impressed with what you hear, but it will be speech.

Jont Allen