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Re: Sound file formats for journal

Dear Robert,
Since you audio signals are experimental, it is important to store them in a lossless format, either uncompressed (WAV) or compressed (such as FLAC or ALS). There are other losslessly compressed formats such as TTA, TAK, WavPack, OptimFrog, etc. However, FLAC is fast, flexible and support 16 and 24 bits per sample. ALS supports IEEE floating point formats and multichannel signals.
We have noted that for low-amplitude signals, the audio can be losslessly compressed with high gain (i.e. the ratio output_size / input_size can be up to 10).
Your work sounds quite interesting, good luck with it!
Kind regards,
Fernando A. Marengo Rodriguez, PhD
Acoustics and Electroacoustics Laboratory
School of Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Surveying
National University of Rosario
Rosario, Argentina