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Re: Sound file formats for journal

> Hi,
> I would vote for WAV (i.e. RIFF) or FLAC (the latter because it uses
> *lossless* - i.e. bit-exact reversible - compression, is widely accepted,
> is
> playable with most current media players, and is open source and free of
> legal encumbrances). MP3 should definitely *not* be used if the aim of
> including the wav files is to allow others to replicate the authors' work,
> because it is not lossless.
> I don't think the bit depth or sample rate should be standardised though -
> converting the files between the "resolution" used by the authors to any
> specific standard will not (usually) be a lossless operation.
> Steve.

More or less what I was going to say.  FLAC or WAV.  Use of lossy
compression may introduce artifacts, or hide things.
==John ff