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Re: PDF received; who discovered SOAEs?

Yes, of course, David Kemp. Which calls for sharing an anecdote with the list:
On my way home to California from the 1986 ICA in Toronto, I had to change planes in St. Louis, and bumped into Hallowell Davis and wife at the airport. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him that I was coming back from the ICA meeting. He asked if I had learned anything new, to which I answered, yes, there was a special session on active cochlear processes [chaired by Kemp] and we were shown that the outer hair cells were moving. Hal uttered one of his typical 2-second New England laughters and said: "Yes, and they are moving faster and faster!"

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Many thanks, José, for the PDF of the looked-for paper by D. T. Kemp, "Evidence of Mechanical Nonlinearity and Frequency Selective Wave Amplification in the Cochlea", Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 224 (1979) 37-45.  

Fig. 3 of that paper proves that Kemp was before Wilson. In that diagram, "spontaneous ear noise" is shown, forming a narrow peak at 1754 Hz. 

I also wish to thank Martin Braun, who nicely wrote off-List to me, suggesting that I write to the List. 

After having read Kemp's paper, I will possibly submit a further posting. 



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Thought you might already have had a copy of this - anyway, here it is Reinhardt.