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Free speech software available for research, clinic, and personal use

Dear All;


TigerSpeech Technology is currently distributing all the speech software developed in the last 20 years for free. Anyone who is interested at the speech testing and training software can visit the following web site:




Here summarizes the main software:


For Research and Clinic Use:

1.       i-CAST: an open platform for most closed-set speech recognition test (Vowel, consonant, voice gender, vocal emotion etc). For details, please visit http://www.tigerspeech.com/icast/icast_about.html

2.       i-STAR: an open platform for most open-set speech recognition test (IEEE, CNC, …. etc). For details, please visit http://www.tigerspeech.com/istar/istar_about.html

3.       AngelSim: a program simulating cochlear implants and hearing loss. For details, please visit http://www.tigerspeech.com/angelsim/angelsim_about.html


For Research, Clinic and Personal Use:

4.       AngelSound: an interactive listening rehabilitation software for cochlear implant users and hearing aid user. For details, please visit http://www.tigerspeech.com/angelsound/angelsound_about.html

5.       AngelHear: an automated hearing assessment tools using personal computer. For details, please visit http://www.tigerspeech.com/angelhear/angelhear_about.html


Similar programs for Mandarin Chinese are also available for downloading. Programs for other languages may also be developed and distributed in the future.




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