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Acoustic Reflex Norms

Dear List,

We are attempting to locate more updated norms for ipsilateral acoustic reflexes than

the data generated by Wiley, T.L., Oviatt, D. L. And Block, M. G. (1987) Acoustic-immittance measures in normal ears.

J Speech Hear Res. 330, 161-170 (see page 162).


Also, Wiley et al.’s data are based on normal-hearing participants.  Any norms available for those with hearing loss (for ipsi reflexes)

Similar to the approach Silman & Gelfand (1981) and Gelfand, Schwander & Silman (1990) used for contra reflexes?


Many thanks for your time and consideration,



B Kim Wise

MNZAS-CCC, Research Audiologist


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