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question about speech level

Dear List
For creating speech in desired level, I have an AC40 audiometer that produce speech signal in selected dB SPL from a wav file. The recordings has silent periods before and after speech signal. If  I delete silent periods before and after the speech signal, the sound intensity  that audimeter produce, will not change.  Now I want to prepare a mixture of speech and noise in optional SNR values in Matlab but the RMS value of speech signal depends on  silent gaps. 
I have two question about this: I want to know for speech signal that is nonstationary, how  desired level in dB SPL is set . Also how can I mix speech and noise in Matlab by setting noise in desired value (for example noise level=65dBSPL and SNR=-10 until we have speech in 55 dBSPL). 
I will grateful if anyone guide me about this and let me know about related documents.
best regards