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question about localization rig

Dear learned colleagues
We are replacing our old psychophysics sound localization rig that is
regularly used in research and education (typical example: MSc project
on sound localization ability when wearing hearing aids). We would
like to have a good resolution and the ability to play sounds via any
number of channels simultaneously.
I am asking for your opinion about the following two options (Both are
about the same price and have 24 channels (up to 16 bit and 100 kHz).

National Instruments
is controlled via data acquisition toolbox and connected to PC via
express card (for flexibility, though can use PCI card as well as or
instead of).

Tucker Davies:
TD is controlled using MATLAB via ActiveX and connected to PC via PCI
card. Both options require us to sort out amplification, though TD
would be delighted to sell us three 8-channel amps totalling £1.5k.

Can you recommend one on the basis of your experience?


Dr. Stefan Bleeck
Hearing and Balance Centre
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment
University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
Room 4093, Tizard building (13)
bleeck@xxxxxxxxx Tel.: 02380 596682